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Are you ready for your Breakthrough?

It's time to ditch the cystic acne, irregular cycles, and stubborn belly fat!

Are you sick of..

  • Waking up with cystic acne and hair in all the wrong places?

  • That excess weight that won’t disappear? Do you feel like you could eat nothing but air but still not budge?

  • Hearing your friends’ baby stories when you just want your own damn story?

  • Spending all of your time and money at the doctor’s office?

  • Pulling your hair out in the shower?

  • Feeling trapped inside of your own body?

  • Trying to figure out what the heck you should eat?

  • Being called crazy because you feel terrible and can't think straight?

  • Trying fad diets and pills that don't work?

What if you could...

  • Spend less time at the doctor’s office and more time doing the things you love?

  • Skip hiding behind the makeup and go out "naked"?

  • Wake up in the morning without an alarm and feel energized?

  • Burn the belly fat and feel confident in your body?

  • Banish PMS and stop feeling like a crazy person?

  • Get a normal period and regulate your cycle?


The PCOS Breakthrough online course is AMAZING! There is tons of useful information on how to get started on your healing journey all the way to things you wouldn't think affect your health. I love that it's not only videos but cheat sheets too! Laurence is amazing and truly cares and it comes through in this course. I love that it's at your own pace but also friendly weekly reminders of your progress in going through the course. If you haven't already, do yourself a huge favor and give it a try!


I loved Laurence right from the beginning; she was so nice, warm, welcoming and understanding. I felt like I didn’t need to validate my experiences or justify any of my actions when I was talking to her. Acne? She got it; weight? She knows what you’re talking about; feeling totally confused about what to do next? She’s there to figure it out with you! The program was a perfect combination of lifestyle changes, creating new routines, incorporating new foods and eliminating others. Talking to Laurence was always informative and gave me the confidence and support that I needed when I felt emotionally overwhelmed. This is the best I’ve felt in a while. My skin has improved significantly! I can tell for sure that I’ve lost weight. These changes are significant and I’m thrilled about them, however, I think that the most important part is that I feel empowered and motivated. For the first time, I feel like my food choices directly impact my health, wellbeing and symptoms. If you’re really willing to try something new about your PCOS, I highly recommend seeing Laurence.


Once I started making changes into my lifestyle I noticed how different I was feeling after a few days. Which I was surprised! Not only did she guide me on what I should change she also was informative by providing information on how it works and why I need it. I really recommend Laurence for anyone looking to improve their wellness and health. You are in good hands with her because she’s there to help you and if you have any questions she is always happy to help. I’m so grateful to have found Laurence!


By simply changing small things in my eating and exercise routine, I was able to see results within a few days. My energy levels have increased to the point where I can get through my day without crashing and be able to stick to my routine. My PCOS symptoms and adrenal fatigue have significantly improved by following my health plan along with supporting supplements that are recommended to me. I would recommend Laurence to anyone who is looking for real change and not just a quick fix to PCOS.


I will start saying that if you really want to make a life-changing decision to feel so much better, not only physically but also emotionally, you should definitely talk to Laurence Annez. Since I can remember my digestion has been awful with days and sometimes weeks that I really didn't even go to the washroom. I felt drained and tired all the time, until I started seeing Laurence. Not only could I see my digestion getting better but my energy levels are like never before, I'm actually wanting to go hiking and swimming (which in the past I would never suggest that, even my boyfriend said that I'm another person). I am feeling so much better in general. I would like to point out that I live in a remote area and it is hard for me to find ingredients, but she makes it easy without spending a huge amount of money, and knowing that this not a diet, I believe that it is even better. If you feel like I was feeling before go talk to Laurence you won't regret it !I will start saying that if you really want to make a life-changing decision to feel so much better, not only physically but also emotionally, you should definitely talk to Laurence Annez.

What's included

  • Nutrition based facts so you can understand the science behind food

  • Go at your own pace online course so you can absorb and apply all the lessons

  • PDFS, cheatsheets & guides to print off for extra guidance

  • Video lessons

  • Audio lessons

  • Life time access to all modules

  • Over 50 PCOS friendly recipes

  • Private Facebook Community

Course curriculum

This is for you if you're ready to...

  • Stop wasting time and money on quick fixes that don't help

  • Heal your skin and skip the makeup

  • Regain and regulate your periods naturally

  • Shed off the excess weight & boost your metabolism whilst eating the foods you love

  • Boost your energy and ditch the 4pm crash

  • Understand how to take care of your body to feel your very best

  • Sleep like a baby throughout the night

  • Adopt long-term changes, not a quick fix


  • Laurence Annez

    Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

    Laurence Annez

    I’m Laurence, Certified Nutritional Practitionner and Health Coach, PCOS fighter & PCOS Coach. I teach women with PCOS how to ditch the belly fat, cystic acne, and irregular cycles with nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. I suffered myself for many years and decided enough was enough. From cystic acne to inexistent periods, to hirsutism and hair loss, to mood swings and depression, I’ve been there and I’ve reversed 90% of my symptoms in one year, without one medication. And I want to show women with PCOS that they too can take control of their health naturally.


Get specific & customized PCOS coaching with my ongoing support & accountability throughout the 8 weeks.

  • Customized Assessment

    No copy paste here. You are unique & so is your health plan. You will receive a nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan all personalized to you and your goals. Everything is custom made to YOU!

  • Ongoing Support & Accountability

    Got a question or concern? Need someone to listen to you? You have my ongoing support via email and phone. I am here to hold you accountable and support you with any questions or concerns you may face on your journey. You are never alone.


  • Who is this course for?

    For anyone with PCOS (newly diagnosed or not) who wants to transition into a more natural way to healing their PCOS. This is for you if you are tired of hearing "lose weight and take a pill" and want answers so that you can do the right things to feel better. This is for you if you feel like you need step by step guidance on how to eat and live to feel your best with PCOS. This is for you if you are ready to do the work and take action everyday to reach your goals.

  • Does this course involve 1:1 coaching?

    No, however the VIP option does include 1:1 coaching.

  • How long is the course?

    8 weeks

  • What is included in the course?

    Video tutorials, written guides & PDFs, recipes, online private community, and additional resources for you to refer back to whenever you need.

  • When does this course start?

    It starts whenever you are ready! Everything is self-paced.

  • Will I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes definitely!